Paige and Friends

Looking for activities for kids?

Your search is over - craft is here!  Paige and her friends, assist us to make our Eeooks more user friendly for young readers; they get to dress up as paper dolls, act as our colouring in pages, and get up to many other crafty adventures, and now, they've given us their favourite educational craft for kids - the projects are perfect for parties, rainy days, or just because.


Simply click on the links below to download free art projects for your children to enjoy.


PAIGE is kind and generous, and she can’t wait to share her great art and craft projects with you!  She makes an appearance in our free printpaper package, and she’s also in the Fabulous Fairy party package. 


Her current art project is Picasso's Child with Dove coloring page.


Download Paige's Free Craft Project



COCO loves all things artistic and cultural; she loves all things Paris and Rome, and appears in our Beautiful Ballerina party package.


Her current craft project is add-a-face to Da Vinci's Mona Lisa.


Download Coco's Free Craft Project


MAC is all about adventure and exploring the unusual. You'll find Mac in our Pirate Plunder Ebook... of course!


His craft project is a montage based on Dali's Surrealist landscapes.


Download Mac's Free Craft Project


LILY loves getting dressed up and having fun. She has her own dress-up dolls in the Perfect Princess Party package and she's also in the Fabulous Fairy party package.


Her art project of the moment is a Warhol Pop-art poster to color-in.


Download Lily's Free Craft Project


TIFFANY has a great imagination and can dream herself into impossible places, and that's how she ended up in both the Mermaid Magic and Fabulous Fairy party packages.


Monet's waterlily bridge is her current craft project.


Download Tiffany's Free Craft Project


JASPER enjoys both art and science, maths and music... he's looking forward to making an appearance in the Jungle Book!


His kids' craft project is based on Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel.


Download Jasper's Free Craft Project

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