How To

Are you new to the party-craft journey?

Then, it's no secret that even 'basic' things can be tricky until someone shows you how. 

To help you out, here's a few how-to guides that will assist your party planning

Click on any of the FREE guides, and you'll be well on your way to creating party-perfect classy craft:


How to pick a theme:

A template to use in conjunction with "how to host a party" e-book.


How to use printpaper:

Shows you how to use your printpaper package.


How to pick colours:

Introduces you to the colour wheel and how it works.


How to fold, cut and paste:

Runs you through the basics.


How to stain paper:

Suggests a few ways to use coffee to tint plain paper for craft projects.


How to make bunting:

Is a step by step guide to making this type of decoration.


How to photograph children:

Provides some easy-to follow ideas for your next party.













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