New to Party Craft?  To help you help yourself, here's some of the questions we get asked the most. 

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What are printpapers?

Printpaper is the name given to pages of digital graphics which can be used in full (A4 or A3) sheets as wrapping paper, table mats or backdrops for craft projects, or they can be cut up to make invitations, decorations, or any other crafty thing you can think of. They are ready to be printed on your home printer or your local office-supplies store. The Free EBook has more information about the ways you can print out the printpapers, and you can look up the label "printpapers" for even more information and ideas at


How do I purchase items?

Once you've decided what you like, Click the 'PURCHASE' button to add it to your shopping cart.  Once you have filled your cart with Party Craft goodies, click on "CHECKOUT" and you'll be asked if you're new.  Create a username and password for yourself that you'll remember.  Once you've done that, "SUBMIT ORDER" and you'll be taken offsite to PAYPAL who will securely process your payment.  Once payment is received, you'll be sent an email - click the link it provides, log in with the username and password you created, and you will be able to download your items.  If you have trouble for any reason at all - send us an email and we'll help you further.

How do I share my success stories?

We love hearing about real life parties – so feel free to send us a coule of photos of your favourite things, but remember that because children are precious and we can not be certain you have gained all relevant parental permissions, please do not send us photos of children's full faces.  We will endeavour to slowly upload favourite photos onto our Gallery page.


Why do my files take so long to download?

Many of our Ebooks and Printpapers are large because they're so full of colour photos and graphics.  Some computers and servers take longer than others to download large files. All files should be less that 7MB and we're always looking for ways to make them as small as we can – please be patient – it'll be worth the wait.


Why can't I edit the files?

The files are protected by copyright, so they can't be modified by you or used for commercial purposes. That said, you can print them out, draw on any amendments you want to make (such as the party person's name, initial, or age), and then colour copy the amendment as many times as you want for your personal use.


What is the $1.00 charge on my credit card statement?

This is a "pre-authorisation fee" charged by PayPal to confirm that your credit card is valid - it is usually returned to you within 3-5 working days, and will appear in the 'credit' column of your next statement.  It is only applicable if you do not have a PayPal account and are using your credit card for the first time. 

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